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We provide customized solutions based on your request

Down South Events creates unique concepts for which everything comes down to customization. No existing programs or realizations based on a theme, but a blank sleet that is completely filled in with the cooperation of our client. Taking into account the goals, wishes or branding we create the perfect tailored solution. Next to this, I believe that our team is the most important when organizing events. Our team exists out of a close group of people who match perfectly with each other and with their qualities and enthusiasm create an atmosphere which is absolutely priceless for our customers.

Down Souths’ creativity and flexibility ensure constantly for the best customer experience with added value. Often the craziest ideas arise during developing or formulating the objective. There is nothing better than allowing these ideas to become an actual event. One of our unique selling points is that our team exists of a group with Barba papa’s and mama’s. Did we plan for a boat, but does an airplane fit better, then we will make sure there will be an airplane! We don’t stick to an existing program or implementation, but keep surprising our guests with different things every time. Every day we change, but in the meanwhile we remained incredibly Down South.

As owner of Down South Events, I really believe in ‘the right people in the right place’. Going after the same goal together and creating a great work environment, that is palpable by our customers. My responsibility is in particular the first contact with the customer and assess the wishes and goals of this customer. Next, I translate these wishes and goals together with the team into a unique concept, after which I will also be at the event to take care of the execution. Next to this, I am responsible for keeping up relations with existing partners and vendors.

Sometimes it is so awesome to look back at an event we organized and executed. Often we still are in contact with customers for who we organized big events. They trusted us completely, a fact that often results in a great relationship. When a customer not only places their trust, but also their problems in our hands, this would be the biggest compliment we can get. A great example of this is the terrible fire at Chateau Neercanne. The day after we got a phone call, asking us if we could help them. All came together, which made it one of the greatest assignments for me.

‘Flip-think’ would perhaps be the best word to describe this challenge. Create and facilitate, where everything came to speed, creativity and flexibility. Whether it was 6AM or 11PM, our team was ready to, together with the team of Neercanne, make this a success. Two businesses merged for the best customer experience. Despite the unfortunate reason, everyone still looks back at this project with the greatest fondness.

Giulia Vinken - Eventmanager
Giulia Vinken - Eventmanager

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