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Personally, I am not working that long with Down South Events, but that has nothing to do with how much fun it is working here. Since my first day I felt at home immediately with this company and my colleagues. The different kinds of activities and events make the job so much fun, that it does not feel like a job at all. Because we are always working with people who are enjoying themselves.

This would be one of my strongest qualities within Down South Events: making people feel at ease and let them have the best day possible. This is not only one of my strongest qualities, but – if you ask me – the pinnacle of Down South Events. Giulia and Ler are able to make every event special and unique. If I see the different groups that visit these events, every group and person is equally pleased.

In short, Down South is just as awesome to hire for organizing events as it is to work at!

Janneke - Eventmanager
Janneke - Eventmanager

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