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We provide customized solutions based on your request

For me, there is no other event organization that can organize such elaborate and perfect events, completely as desired by the client. Our guests see that a lot of passion is put in the events and everything that they ask for is fulfilled.

What I find special about Down South Events, is how – with good preparations that are clearly visible during the execution – flawless every event goes. There are so many possibilities for our client concerning where, when and how an event is organized. The extension to Dutch Foodie ensures an extra dimension of the event with the mobile kitchen or the Ofyr. The great cooperation as well as the good contact with the many recurring partners of Down South Events contribute to a powerful event every time. Just like the surroundings in which we create the events. The South of Limburg is of course known for its gorgeous and peaceful nature. This is used well, when thinking about the rally’s that start again every spring.

I am always hoping that I can contribute to the tasks what is expected from me, and I try to make the best of it. Every time I come to work, I do this with pleasure, no matter what is the task at hand: hostess, hospitality, guide assignments during a rally and so on. My strong qualities are my enthusiasm and the kindness I bring across to the guests.

It is really difficult to choose which event I liked the most! I had the pleasure to already join a lot of fun events. I believe I still have to experience the best event. This way, I always have something to look forward to. Rally’s are the most fun to work at. During a rally you have the most contact with the guests, and moreover, you see how much fun they are having experiencing everything during an event.

Events that I remember well and left an impression on me are the herringparty in Maastricht, BBB and certainly the dinner evening of Interclassics.

Ylenia - Eventmanager
Ylenia - Eventmanager

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