An effective online course to learn to speak for a group

Learn to control nerves, how to speak and how to stand in front of a group in a comfortable way during our online training

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Learn it online: Speak like a boss

Speaking in front of a group. Not everyone is a natural talent in this. One enthusiastically steps on every stage and knows how to enchant the audience, while the other often prefers to be a spectator. We believe that - natural or not - everyone can learn a new talent. This time offers the space to grow and to express your appreciation for how your team copes with these circumstances. Through our online training, your entire team learns to speak like a boss!

A better speaker in five days

During the training, attention is paid to five parts that are spread over five days:

  • Body language and facial expression;
  • Listening and observing;
  • Nerves and improvisation;
  • Speech rate and volume;
  • Structure of your story incl. opening & closing.

During these days, guidelines are offered to not only become a better speaker, but also to stand in front of a group with a comfortable feeling. Every day, our trainer provides feedback on questions asked. Moreover, we conclude the training with a great online drink! Curious about a training that is fully tailored to your objective, theme or the identity of your company? Ask us about the possibilities!

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