An (online) pop quiz as an interactive and competitive team activity

End the working week or team training with a relaxed and interactive pop quiz

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The pop quiz: a relaxed and interactive ending!

After an intensive team training, long meeting day or busy week filled with appointments, relaxation is so important. It is even more important to do this together. A team activity is therefore a great end to a busy day or supplement to the weekly Friday afternoon drink. Everyone puts their heart and soul into the workplace. Do they show the same passion during our pop quiz? A competitive battle between different teams with the most diverse music genres and a wide variety of questions. Our live musicians provide an unprecedented and dynamic atmosphere. We organize the pop quiz not only on location, but also online!

Experience it online!

Working from home, remote colleagues and international teams: companies are opting for an increasingly modern approach. The pop quiz is therefore also possible as an online edition. Here too we provide live music, dazzling visuals and immersive interaction. The online pop quiz is therefore just as strong as the offline version. Curious about the pop quiz? Have a look at this video.

At home, we also provide the right atmosphere

A pop quiz naturally includes the right drinks and snacks. We always complement the evening with a delicious drink on location. But we also create a suitable atmosphere for the pop quiz at home. We can provide a package with beers and snacks. Everything to relax and enjoy!

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